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Medical Research Reports Health Benefits of Swallowing Semen From a Healthy Man Three Times Per Week

Semen Swallow three times per week or more

So something that is free and readily available is good for so many health issues:

Longer life span

Increased longevity

Reduction of aging symptoms

Risk reduced of breast cancer by 50%

Risk reduction of many cancers

Makes people happy

Reduction of depression and attempted suicide

Donators benefit by reduced risk for prostate cancer

Prepares a woman’s body for pregnancy

Eases pregnancy discomforts; morning sickness

Reduces risk of pregnancy pre-eclampsia (miscarriage)

Improved sense of smell

Reduced risk of heart disease

Weight loss of obesity fat (not muscle mass)

Pain relief and soothing of P.M.S. symptoms

Combats acne

Fights diabetes


Is a natural anti-biotic!

Each item above is linked to source on

If you knew about it, and withheld it from anyone…

If you can read the science and understand it and you don’t tell anyone…

If you are too embarrassed to say it to someone who needs it…

Well I can’t wait.

Someone I care about desperately needs Semen Therapy,

So I’ll say it so loud that someday you will say it to them for me.

6 comments on “Semen Swallow three times per week or more

  1. Semen Therapy
    July 18, 2012 – loose weight melt obesity fat by swallowing semen – meet people who want to do Semen Therapy

  2. Jeffhard
    January 15, 2013

    I am married and my wife is not interested. I am wasting my seed nearly daily as I am with a healthy libido. I have never cheated on my wife but I am feeling like I need attention. I would love to find women who would appreciate and ultimately show absolute discretion to perform fellatio for their benefit of semen therapy and my benefit of affection and closeness.

    • ommshawnti
      January 16, 2013

      Thanks for your comment.

      We all fully understand your feelings. Men have a powerful need to cum in the mouth of a woman who really wants to swallow semen. Without cheating, a man will cum in the mouth of a woman who asks for his semen, at a party, in the park, at a glory hole or in an adult movie theater.

      Your wife might prefer that you were not receiving the blow job, but she could no begrudge you the donating your sperm to a woman who wants it so badly. Does she let you masturbate? Your semen could be collected in a refrigerated food and then given to a woman to eat. This is a common way for women to receive Semen Therapy from a stranger on a regular basis. A meeting in a public place, usually once a week, to hand off the food with typically four ejaculations in it. At home she will eat your sperm over the week. Yogurt is a popular food for semen, also cottage cheese, tapioca and salad dressing.

      Note that a woman who is asking for your semen to eat as part of her diet to lose weight, requires three ejaculation per day, for every day of the week. So she may require seven donors. If you can cum in her food seven times per week she would only need three donors like you.

      If you need to have a recipient with whom you will also share affection and closeness, then you might consider a dating service, like Semen Therapy Contacts (through the system like Adult Friend Finders)

      There you can find a woman who also wants the benefits of giving you oral sex and swallowing your semen three times a week.

  3. parveen and jafferey
    October 8, 2014

    we are couple from pakistan karachi and love above – and just wait for reliable friendship

    • sementherapy
      October 8, 2014


      This is great to hear. I wonder what the translation would be for Semen Therapy.
      There maybe rare terms that are medicine, folklore, ceremony or family life.
      I believe it is widely understood that semen contains life energy due to the practice of retaining not wasting it.
      If you are going to give it up, someone should be consuming it. No waste.
      If you swallow fresh semen ejaculated by a healthy man more than twice a week,
      you get all the benefits that the man has sacrificed for you.

      Nature rewards the donner with orgasm and brightened soul, the recipient’s nuptial gift is health, strength, beauty and empowerment.

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